Improving organization for socio-economic development

This project is supported by KfW and implemented by Cnvp (Connecting People and Natural Values​​). He linked the initiative to support the creation of the Marketing Organization and its capacity building for producers’ organization, promotion and marketing of products Prespa National Park. A very important part of this initiative is the development of the brand and “Product of the Prespa National Park” as a means of promoting development in Prespa National Park in Albania.

Activities such as the production of honey, mushrooms, mountain tea gathering and fishing activities have been identified as key to providing income for many families in the area.

In the context of the work performed for organizing marketing groups, held meetings with representatives of producer groups operating in the territory of Prespa National Park. In general, manufacturers have agreed and support the idea of being part of a marketing team, and to use the logo of Prespa National Park. Of course it will be a challenge that will require involvement, contribution and cooperation of all stakeholders, but mainly to producers.