During a longer consultation and participation process the creation of a self-governing association as Prespa Marketing Organisation was created and registered.
Three producer groups formed the association: beekeeper, fisher and collectors of medicinal plants.

Fish is a typical product of the local producers sold on local markets and to restaurants. There are about 100 licensed fishermen. Not all of them are already member of the PMO, but could be convinced to join as soon as the first positive outcome in terms of improved income can be obtained. 15 beekeeper joint initially the PMO and the chairman is one of the beekeeper group. Several women dealing with growing, collection, manufacturing and selling of medicinal plants joint the PMO. In the meantime 30 women ndicated their willingness to join as a member the PMO.

The PMO shall help the local producers to bring their products to the market, advertise the products from the National Park as environmental friendly and sustainably. produced.