Diellas - Gollomboc

This is a nice transfer hike using the old mule paths that used to be the only one to connect these two villages before the car road was constructed. From the village of Diellas the trail climbs up to the meadows of Mali i Thate where shepherds can be seen during the summer time. At the upper parts the trail offers amazing views to the surrounding mountains and the lake. This zone hosts characteristic plants such as Clary sage Salvia sclarea, two pink-flowered bindweeds Convolvulus cantabrica and Convolvulus althaeoides and Wild or Dyer’s Rocket Reseda luteola. After that the trail descents towards the village of Gollomboç accompanied with beautiful views toward the lake and the mountains of Greece and Macediona. Some remaining bunkers can be seen on the way to the village.

The trail head is on the main road at the mounument, near the turn off to Diellas village, constructed in 1983 in a memory of the World War II (WP 1). There is also a chapel in front of mounment and an info board of the park. The trail starts next to the monument ascending gently the valley between two hills on a visible broad mule track. People with mules going for woods could be met on the way – we saw some of them.

Following this broad trail for approx. 1, 5 kilometers will take you at an inviting meadow to rest awile and enjoy the views of Mali i Thatë ridge (WP 2). The trail now follows North for on the broad valley lined by Mali i Thatë ridge on the left and hills on the right. It ascends very gently for approx. 1.5 kilometers on meadows to the pass offering stunning views towards Mali i Thatë, Prespa Lake and also Gramoz mountain can be seen in distance towards South (WP 3).

Take right at the fork in the pass following northe east on a visible trail that enters a new forest, passing a meadow and then entering the forest again on visible broad trail. Approx. 1 kilometer from the pass the trail reaches a water pond for cattle and enters the forest again (WP 4).

After approx. 500 meters take right at the fork (WP  5) following a trail that has jeep traks and travels through a new forest after a while with beautiful views towards the lake and the mountains on the Greek-Macedonian border. Approx. 400 meters from the fork we leave the car tracks for a path that travels on meadows towards the lake (WP 6). After awile the trail passes another water pond at WP 7 and travels paralelly with the electric pillars untill reaches the asphalt road.

At the road the trail that ascends in the left along the electric pillars follows an old track to Goricë e Vogël. Our trail crosses the asphalt (WP 8) and follows the Gollomboç’s village path lined by fances, takes left at the next fork and reaches the village road next to the lake shore. We stayed at first house of the village – Stilian’s homestay (WP 9, tel. +355683550032).


GPS UTM waypoints:

  1. 34 T 491670 4516907, the monument, 863 m
  2. 34 T 491086 4518208, meadow, 1175 m
  3. 34 T 491102 4519635, pass, 1270 m
  4. 34 T 491592 4520539, water pond, 1130 m
  5. 34 T 491848 4520900, take right at the fork, 1070 m
  6. 34 T 492618 4521282, path on meadows, 985 m
  7. 34 T 492915 4521489, water pond, 945 m
  8. 34 T 494226 4522861, cross asphalt road, 896 m
  9. 34 T 495196 4522960, Gollomboç village, 855 m