This long hike will take you from the Prespa National Park to its highest point (Pllaja e Pusit, 2288m) and then to the other side of the mountain, near lake Ohrid. Asaid from any mountain near the seashore, there is no other mountain in Albania from where so much water can be seen. At the summit one can enjoy the views of both Prespa and Ohrid lakes.

The hike starts approx. 2.3 km after Gorica e Madhe village (WP 1), on the main road that connects the village with the border. Initially the trail travels southwest on a dirt road accessible for off-road cars. Following this road by a 4wd, one can climb up to 1330 m (WP 2). After this point the trail follows west leaving the forest and traveling on a beautiful meadow with a lot of flowers (WP 3). Following this trail, you will pass a water pond for cattle (WP 4) after few hundred meters and after the trail traverses south on a mule trail just above the meadow. From the meadow one can also directly follow the dried up stream direction and join the signs without going around.

The trail follows the dried up stream for few hundred meters and after leaves it on the right for entering a nice forest (WP 5). Approx. 700 m after, take right at the fork (WP 6) and follow the middle trail at the next crossing few hundred meters onwards.

Following the gentle ascend on the well-trodden path you will join the road that follows the mountain ridge, used by military in communism area (WP 7). Follow this road on the north west direction for a while which travels around the summit of Pllaja e Pusit and this will take you at the junction where the path to Alarup village leads (WP 8). From here one can climb the summit which is only 100 higher in east direction and also follow the road for a little more to see the ruins of the former military summer post, used to protect the border in communism time. Nearby there are also some bunkers and some ramainings of Kloni can be seen, the fence of the border.

From WP 8 we follow the descent towards Alarup village on a well-trodden path with stunning views of Ohrid lake and the surrounding mountains. Approx. 3 km after, the trail crosses a dried up stream (WP 9) and then takes right at the next junction, few hundred meters after. After a while the trail reaches the village of Alarup (WP 10) which have an asphalted road connection with Pogradec town.

UTM Waypoints

  1. 34 T 491680 4529050, 933 m
  2. 34 T 488500 4527828, 1327 m, end of dirt road
  3. 34 T 487722 4527763, 1492 m, meadow
  4. 34 T 487231 4528128, 1637 m, water pond
  5. 34 T 486875 4527163, 1843 m, enter the forest
  6. 34 T 487115 4526566, 1946 m, take right
  7. 34 T 486889 4525257, 2144 m, road
  8. 34 T 486272 4525843, 2180 m, left to Alarup
  9. 34 T 484460 4524794, 1519 m, dried up stream
  10. 34 T 482876 4523831, 1051 m, Alarup