This is a long but very beautiful transfer trail traveling on meadows and forest from one side to the other one of Mali i Thatë. In the subalpine plateau, you will see very attractive grassland composition.  The Clouded Apollo Parnassius mnemosyne is very frequent with its spectacular behaviors. The predominance of Graminacea species and in the early stages can be found early Purple Orchid Orchis mascula. Very interesting to know is that workers of communism time used to walk to the plateau every day for farming. One can still see the arranged stones in the slope of the mountains to open land for agriculture. On this hike you will also see the former military post of the border used during communism area and stunning views of Prespa Lakes, Ostrovica, Gramoz and Valamares mountains.

The trail starts at the village of Goricë e Madhe by leaving the village through the most southern road (WP 1, last hose) and follows the main broad trail for taking right at the next fork on a meadow (WP 2, fork and bunker). Then it follows SW ascending gently on a broad trail where you will see some bunkers after a while (WP 3).

After approx. 1.2 km the trail leads to an inviting meadow (WP 4) to rest awhile and then follows southwest initially on meadows and then ascending gently on a beautiful forest for approx. 1.6 km. the trail leaves the forest and travels on another nice meadow (WP 5) where one has to take west towards Mali i Thatë and after the trail gets broader and we are said that the trail used to be for big lories during communism time. On the ascent you will have the possibility to see both lakes in the same time.

After a while the trail leads to a beautiful meadow (WP 6). From the meadow follow the visible trail south west that starts ascending gently on the end of the meadow and after descents (WP 7) to the biggest meadow of the trail traveling on a broad trail (off road cars can drive) following south parallel with Mali i Thate. This huge meadow of Mali i Thatë is summer pasture and shepherds’ huts can be seen.

At the end of the meadow take the ascent southwest that travels on a broad trail (off road trail) and after a while descends to a former military summer post (WP 8). The trail follows the descent southwest on nice meadows, passes a water pond for sheep (WP 9). The descent follows the road (off road trail) with zigzags and stunning views in all directions – the agricultural fields of Korçë, Mt. Valamarë, Ostrovica and Gramoz.

Take right at the fork (WP 10) and then left at the next fork (WP 11). After approx. 1.5 km you will arrive to a water source (WP 12).  Now on you can see the village of Korrita – downwards in southwest direction. Follow the road and take off at the trail just above the village (WP 13) for arriving at the asphalt road where a market invites you to buy a drink (WP 14).

UTM Waypoints

  1. 34 T 491873 4526768, Goricë e Madhe , 906 m
  2. 34 T 491805 4526376, take right, 928 m
  3. 34 T 491633 4526115, bunkers, 957 m
  4. 34 T 491031 4525134, meadow, 1078 m
  5. 34 T 490367 4523465, meadow, 1361 m
  6. 34 T 489192 4523418, meadow, 1635 m
  7. 34 T 488793 4523127, plateau, 1688 m
  8. 34 T 487804 4519925, former military summer post1862 m
  9. 34 T 487127 4519095, water pond, 1802 m
  10. 34 T 486464 4517854, take right, 1608 m
  11. 34 T 486171 4517698, take left, 1528 m
  12. 34 T 485993 4516728, water source, 1308 m
  13. 34 T 485127 4515235, above the village, 1041 m
  14. 34 T 484579 4514778, Korrita, 860 m