This is a beautiful transfer hike from Goricë e Vogël to Diellas village. Climbing  the dry mountain (Mali i Thatë) at the hill areas, the zone hosts characteristic plants such as Clary sage Salvia sclrea, two pink-flowered bindweeds Convolvulus cantabrica and Covolvulus althaeoides and Wild or Dyer’s Rocket Resedea luteola.

The trail travels on beautiful meadows and forest with stunning views towards Mali i Thatë and Prespa Lakes and to the Sanozhen water spring which has water even at the driest months of the summer even though is located in the “Dry Mountain”

The trail starts at Goricë e Vogël, right at the National Park’s office (WP 1) and follows the main dirt road lined by faces towards Mali i Thatë. In the end of agriculture area, the trail takes you left (south west) following the valley on a broad trail. Approx. 700 meters further on the trail takes left following the broad trail (WP 2) and after another 700 meters takes right, leaving the main broad trail for a narrow one that climbs gently up through the forest (WP 3). After approx. 1 km of gentle ascent the trail arrives on a nice meadow and then follows south west the visible trail for entering a beautiful old forest (WP 4). Some parts of the trail through the forest are not visible but will be cleaned soon by the park administration.

After ascending on the nice shade of the forest for approx. 900 meters, the trail exit the forest (WP 5) and follows south where you will meet a water pond in few hundred meters further on. From water pond the trail takes a south descent on a good mule trail with beautiful views towards the lake.

After approx. 2.8 km on a gentle descent with the lake view on our left, the trail arrives at the pass of Diellas-Gollomboç, where the southern descent leads to Diellas and the north east one to Gollomboç (WP 6). Our trail leads to a nice big meadow where shepherds come every day.

From the pass we don’t go directly down the meadow but we keep left to save some height for going to the water source. Keeping the same height on a narrow trail just above the meadow, we arrive at the only water source of Mali i Thatë, located in some visible cliffs, perfect place for resting awhile (WP 7).  From the water source we descent south east, initially towards the meadow and after that on a broad stony trail towards Diellas village. The trail finishes at the main road close by a monument and a chapel (WP 8).

UTM Waypoints

  1. 34 T 493327 4525619, National Park headquarters, 865 m
  2. 34 T 492139 4525010, take left, 963 m
  3. 34 T 492364 4524410, take right, 1016 m
  4. 34 T 491218 4522820, forest entrance, 1280 m
  5. 34 T 490972 4522098, exit forest, 1458 m
  6. 34 T 491113 4519656, pass of Diellas-Gollomboç, 1273 m
  7. 34 T 490766 4518763, water source, 1264 m
  8. 34 T 491694 4516882, main road, 1000 m