Shuec – Micro Prespa is short hike and enjoyable hike that starts from Zagradec village walking next to agricultural lands and further on well-trodden path to the border with Greece. A lot of farmers can be seen on the agriculture lands and beautiful views of Prespa e Vogël Lake. After entering the village center take right towards the lake and follow the dirt road that leaves the village (WP1).  The dirt road travels in between agricultural lands and lake view from the right side.  Approx. 1 km further on take left at WP 2, before arriving at the electrical cabin, ascending on a narrow trail that joins the main trail which travels along the lake. The trail is visible and travels some meters higher than the lake shore. It finishes near the border (WP 3) where another trail forks left. UTM waypoints

  1. 34 T 500004 4505225, last house, 874 m
  2. 34 T 500783 4504734, take left, 860 m
  3. 34 T 502675 4505437, border, 866 m