This is a short curricular hike starting at the Park’s office traveling on nice trails into the forest and offering stunning views onto Prespa e Madhe. This area is characterized by high presence of the Hermann’s tortoises (turtles). This reptile is small to medium sized tortoises that come from southern Europe. Before ‘90 this area has been considered as a Hunting Reserve, where the wild board was the main hunted animal.

The trail starts at the National Park’s office (WP 1) walking east on the main road and takes right at the fork where the information board of the park is located (WP 2). The trail enters through the pine forest initially and later on through small oak woods.

After approx. 300 meters take right leaving the main path for a small one (WP 3, check the markings). The trail ascends steeply through pine forest. When reaching the crest we keep ascending on the left along the crest (WP 4). Take left, the main trail, at the fork after approx. 250 meters and then right starting a gentle descent through forest (WP 5). At the next fork after few meters take left (WP 6) following a visible trail through pine forest. After approx. 250 meters take right at the fork (WP 7) and follow strait at the next crossing few meters further on where a bunker can be seen on the right.

Following the nice descent through the woods we reach a water channel that has been used for irrigation during the communism area (WP 8). Follow the water channel trail which gives nice views towards the lakes time by time when forest allows. By taking one of the forks in the left when walking along water channel, one can get to the main road that connects villages in approx. 50 meters. After approx. 500 meters walking along the water channel we reach a tube (WP 9) that used to bring water from the lake to this water channel.

Check the markings for a left turn (WP 10) that leaves the water channel trail after approx. 500 meters and hits our trail at the board information point (WP 2).

UTM Waypoints:

  1. 34 T 493323 4525621, Park’s office, 862 m
  2. 34 T 493170 4525623, take right at the fork, 867 m
  3. 34 T 492931 4525780, take right, 884 m
  4. 34 T 492996 4525989, 933 m
  5. 34 T 492715 4526144, start descending, 947 m
  6. 34 T 492746 4526152, take left, 940 m
  7. 34 T 492841 4526375, take right, 900 m
  8. 34 T 492965 4526496, water channel, 891 m
  9. 34 T 493174 4526090, tube, 895 m
  10. 34 T 493164 4525697, turn left, 889 m