This is an enjoyable short hike on a well-trodden path along Prespa e Vogel Lake. For a longer option walk, one can start at the intersection of archeological site of Treni cave, initially following the dirt road (no car traffic) to the former military building and after taking the path as described below. Both Prespa lakes have been intensively used before the year ’90 for irrigation purposes. So, around the lake there are still standing many constructions and the long pipes towards the littoral zone of the lake. Nowadays they serve as a good shelter for bats, spiders, insects and other livings. Very typical with for Prespa e Vogël Lake are the narrow spaced fishing boots used for both fishing and reed harvesting. Such boats can afford only two people and the construction was adapted to the need of moving among the dense reed vegetation. The reed has been used from the immemorial time as an important construction material and forage for feeding mainly cattle’s. The trail starts at the former military border post in Zagradec (WP 1). From Zagradec take the main road descending north for getting at the dirt road next to the lake (34 T 501182 4503104). Following east direction on this road for approx. 1 km will take you at the former military border post (WP 1). At the military post is water source to fill up your bottles. Take the trail next of the military building (check for marks) which travels along the lake shore (some meters higher) offering beautiful views of Prespa e Vogel Lake.  At the next fork, approx. 700 meters further on, take the lower main trail (WP 2). The trail finishes near the border line with Greece (WP 3). UTM Waypoints

  1. 34 T 502080 4503354, former military post, 868 m
  2. 34 T 502481 4503851, take left, 882 m
  3. 34 T 503101 4504343, 867 m